We Also Offer Specialised Criminal Law Services

Attend Police Station

At DAD Legal we offer legal assistance to individuals which may be required to attend a Police Station.

We do this because we want to protect our clients interests and ensure that the police follow proper procedure when dealing with our clients.

AVL Conferences

At DAD Legal we have the technological capabilities to conduct AVL conferences from our law offices.

We use this technology to facilitate Case Conferences with the DPP under the EAGP framework.

We also use AVL to conduct conferences with clients/witnesses that are interstate/internationally based or with clients that are in custody (and it is not practicable to visit them in person).

Bail Applications

At DAD Legal we are experts at making bail applications on behalf of our clients.

We have experience in successfully making release applications in 'show-cause' and 'non show-cause' matters.

Likewise, we also have experience in making bail applications in the Supreme Court of NSW.

Gaol Visits

At DAD Legal we believe that gaol visits are essential and allow our legal team to develop an excellent professional relationship with our clients that are in custody.

Primarily, we conduct gaol visits in order to: take initial instructions; discuss the various components of a case; provide regular updates as to any significant developments in a case; and ventilate issues which may need to be explored in a case.
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