At DAD Legal our expert bilingual (French and English) team can offer you expert consultancy advice on a wide array of issues. 

Our team are internationally experienced and have worked with international clients from all over the world. 

Speak to our expert consultancy team at DAD Legal about how we can use our ‘know-how’ to assist you with your legal consultancy matter. 

Why Speak to DAD Legal About Your Legal Consultancy Matter?

Free Initial Consultation

At DAD Legal your first conference with our expert legal team is free of charge.

Our aim at DAD Legal is to build a professional relationship with our clients that is based on transparency, respect and mutual trust.


At DAD Legal our expert legal team is bilingual (English and French).

We see this as a competitive edge that we hold in the market because we can offer our clients expert legal advice in both English and French!

Expert Legal Team

At DAD Legal our team are experts in Legal Consultancy.

This expertise has been developed from successfully advising and representing the interests of our clients in a wide array of contexts.

At DAD Legal our team has the expertises to help you achieve an outstanding result!

Qualified Experts

At DAD Legal our team is internationally qualified in Australian Law, French Law and International Law.

Our academic expertise means that we are able to offer our clients accurate legal advice based upon sound legal reasoning.
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